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  • Step aside pixie dust, introducing...

    The ultimate all-rounder pre-workout with carefully selected ingredients to give you INSANE POWER and PUMP, MENTAL FOCUS, and CRAZY ENERGY. BANGARANG was formulated to help you get the most from any gym session.

    You can expect a smooth wave of lasting energy complimented by laser like focus and a significant boost in strength, not forgetting that juicy muscle pump.

    It features a hefty dose of Beta Alanine which contributes towards performance and endurance.

    You will also find a whopping dose of pure L Citrulline which is responsible for enhancing pumps and helps eliminate fatigue.

    Don't forget a crazy dose of Caffeine to ramp up those energy levels.

    With 10 highly effective ingredients, 1 scoop will give you what's needed to decimate your training.